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Tuesday Night:  I was testing some ebay-bought binoculars, 7×35 Jason, and 7×50 Nikon.  The Jasons have nine degree view, the Nikons seven degree.  10pm, up on the roof, looking for M31, which was near the zenith.  Once I found it, I could nail it pretty quickly with both binocs; appearance about the same:  a bright fuzzy.  I let my eyes dark-adapt:  lying below the parapet of the roof nearly all direct lights were blocked.

Just soaking in the view of the Great Nebula in Andromeda with two bright stars framing the field of view, a meteor shot right through, about fourth magnitude.

I went up on the roof about 3:30am Wednesday, the supposed peak of the shower, just looking.  Waited.  Twenty minutes and no meteors.

This is the second time I’ve experienced a Manhattan Meteor Shower:  one meteor.  The last time was in January, with the Quadrantids–one bright fireball immediately, and nothing else  for forty-five minutes.


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