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An almost exact copy of a page from “The Full Moon Atlas” which I took May 30 with an Imaging Source 1.4 megapixel color camera.  This is a 50% reduction of a cropped portion of the image, which by complete coincidence, nicely matches b4 of the atlas.  From the atlas:

The northern shores of Mare Serenitatis (along the lower center section of the photograph), with Lacus Somniorum (right of center) and Lacus Mortis (above center; Crater Bürg is located at its heart).

The large craters Aristoteles (upper left), Eudoxus (left of center) and Posidonius (lower right) are prominent in this region, as is the Montes Caucasus range (lower left). Slightly north of Posidonius’ rim is Posidonius J, which was given the honorary designation Michael Joseph Jackson in July 2009 as a memorial to the legendary entertainer.

The extreme eastern sections of Mare Frigoris (upper left corner) and Mare Imbrium (bottom left corner) are also visible here.

The Full Moon Atlas takes its images from the Consolidated Lunar Atlas:


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