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I purchased a Point Grey Scorpion, a 12-bit monochrome 1.4 megapixel CCD Firewire camera, new old stock on ebay.  $225 for a 2007 camera, when released it was $1,795.  (The price has since gone up to $275)  A serious astronomy camera, which would benefit from dark frames, flat fields, cooling, none of which was done for this image.  500mm focal length voyager, with 2x barlow for f8.8, no tracking.  Maybe 100 frames or so.  I’m using Astro IIDC software for image capture and processing:  a long learning curve ahead.

This is a 16-bit greyscale image originally 640×480.  Never quite in focus on an 84% illuminated moon, nevertheless I see detail I’ve overlooked before, especially the ridges around Messier and Messier A.


Posted October 17, 2009 by finkh in Uncategorized

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