High Line October 13, 2009   Leave a comment

Albert Depas took these pictures of High Line observing last Tuesday.


Richard Rosenberg, Howard Fink, and Joe Delfausse.  I’m the one who’s keeping warm.  Joe organized the High Line Observing sessions, and Richard is President of the Amateur Astronomers Association  http://www.aaa.org


Around 12th St on the High Line.  About 270 degrees visible, from the Northeast to the Northwest the long way around.  The Standard Hotel blocks the north.

My travelscope setup.  The 4.5″ Bushnell Voyager has a ball mount.  The cradle and telescope fit in the five gallon bucket, and the bucket, inverted fits on the top step of a folding ladder.  The cradle legs are a snug fit on the lip of the bucket.  It is a moderately stable setup.  For Jupiter I use a 26mm eypiece, a 2.8x Klee barlow, and with the 500mm focal length of the telescope, get about fifty power and a one degree field.


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