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highline 005

Iphone through the Ipiece.

Bushnell Voyager 500mm focal length f/4.4 telescope.  With a 26mm Meade 4000 Super Plossel, I get 19 power and over four full moons width in the eyepiece.  After years of cogitating over adding a finder to the telescope, I discovered a built-in finder:  removing the eyepiece and you get a one-power skyview with a big black disk for a target.  The disk is the secondary.  Move the telescope until the bright object (Jupiter, Sirius, Vega all worked fine) slips behind the disk.  You can see it going in and going out, so it is easy enough to guess center.  When the object is in the field of view, the shaft of the focuser will light up.  Slip in the eyepiece and the object is in the field of view and usually focused.   Jupiter is now easy to acquire.

Last night I found the Hercules cluster pretty quickly this way, centering Vega and starhopping to Hercules.

highline 010

The moon and Venus at 6am.


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