Barska Cosmos 25×100 Binoculars   Leave a comment

Beautiful night:  thirty to fifty stars naked eye.  I bought a pair of binoculars on ebay slightly used.  25×100, they make the stars shine.  Many more stars are doubles; I split Mizar and Mizar B in the big dipper.  Star colors are red white blue yellow and green.  The moons of Jupiter are sharp, with bands on Jupiter discernable even hand-held!  These binoculars are eight pounds, and I used them to examine the zenith without a tripod while lying on the roof.  Cygnus showed traces of the Milky Way.  With these binoculars, the night is full of stars.  I have a tripod and have a parallogram mount on order.


Posted July 9, 2009 by finkh in Uncategorized

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