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Got the Circus Cannon to the roof.  A 10″ f/5 dobsonian.  Originally, it used two metal springs to hold the telescope in place on the altitude bearings.  I removed the springs, and wound a three-foot bungee twice around the rear of the telescope.  Then I inserted 11 three-inch fender washers as a counterweight.  This worked, and still works.  The telescope balances in every position.  With the original 1″ 1/4 adapter, the logitech fusion webcam did not achieve focus.  A 3/4″ recessed adapter solved this, and I had my first session on the roof using the dob for astrophotography.  Twenty-one exposures; 7.2 Gb in about an hour of fiddling with exposure, gain, pointing.

I believe this is a 1/500 second exposure with ir filter.  380 frames, best 249 stacked.  The dob has no tracking, so the camera scans the moon.  The stack expands the image size.  704 x 576 capture size.


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