Extreme Closeup: Clavius   Leave a comment


Foolish magnification; Clavius Crater at f/42. 174 frames, used about a hundred, maybe a dozen were really any good. Chopped off all the outer edges, to remove the noise. Still some dotted lines; this is dirt on the sensor, which disappears above three hundred frames, and a Manhattan Troposphere.

My estimate is 900x, with the camera sensor equivalent to 6mm focal length. For a five inch telescope, that’s about three times recommended magnification. CCD calculator makes it .2 arcsecond per pixel, while the ‘scope is rated at 1 arcsecond resolution. At least the focus isn’t so critical at f/42.


Shot at f/15, stacked about 400 frames.  I cropped Clavius out of the larger image and expanded it to match the size of the f/42 image.  As you can see, there is a lot more detail resolved.

Four years of practice and an excellent camera paid off:  https://finkh.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/clavius-and-tycho-3/



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