Theophilus and Tranquility   Leave a comment


A difficult image.   After starting the exposure, the moon drifted about half the width of the frame before settling into position.  The avi wouldn’t stay open in registax; it would crash the program.  I used virtual dub to convert to grayscale, then ran three alignment points near the top, then stacked to enlarge image.  This is roughly northeast-southwest.  Theophilus, the prominent crater with the split central mountains is near the bottom.  Above it, the crater with a line thru it is Capella.  To the right is the Sea of Tranquility.


Reprocessed avi three years later with Registax 5.  One alignment point.  The mult-alignment wouldn’t work, as the image drifts too much.  (All the yellow markers quickly turn red; I didn’t wait for the finish.)


Posted December 13, 2006 by finkh in Uncategorized

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