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Clavius Crater at roughly 1:1,000,000 scale.  Styrene print vacuformed from 3D printed original.


Clavius from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera.

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10 million faces of Shackleton Crater region of the Moon.  20 meter data from LDEM_875_5M.jp2 produced by the LOLA Science Team.   1800 x 3000 pixel rectangle used to generate the image.  Click for full HD size.



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I’ve begun selling Lunar Relief Models at  The picture above was lit by direct sunlight; the model is made of white plastic (styrene) and is twelve by eighteen inches, with the relief nine inches square.  So far there are two each of the poles (wide and close) and one of Tsiolkovskiy on the far side of the Moon.    The QR link connects to the Lunar Astronautical Charts published by the US Geological Survey.  Coming Soon:  Aristarchus, Sinus Iridum, Tycho, Copernicus, Clavius, and more.

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Giordano Bruno Crater, 22km across.  Recently the LROC team produced a very high resolution image and published a 778meg TIFF file.  I took the 1 meg thumbnail of that file and combined it with the elevation data cut from LDEM_128.jp2 produced by the LOLA science team.   Here are a couple of snapshots of the result with the camera just off the floor of the crater.


A little to the left of the previous image, both looking North.

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Snapshot of 11-million-face .ply file generated from LDEM_85S_20M.jp2 produced by the LOLA science team.  Click for full size.  Colorized by height and by lighting, which brings out the mountains and high plateau.  Shackleton Crater at center-right.  Where would you land?

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Peary Crater at the North Pole   Leave a comment


Peary Crater with the North Pole of the Moon in the distance.   At the left the sharp-edged crater is Hermite A, a virtual twin of Shackleton Crater at the South Pole.  The color is lighter with height.  Most of the deeper craters in this view are candidates for ice mining.  From LDEM_85N, produced by the LOLA science team, imaged in Mathematica and visualized in Meshlab.

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Boussingault Crater   1 comment



Boussingault Crater in the lower right quadrant of the Moon.  The crater-in-a-crater aspect holds out hope the floor will be composed of material from the interior.  See

Imaged from ldem_64 produced by the LOLA science team.  64 pixels per degree, 10 x 20 degree section colored and lit in Meshlab.

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